Defending the Blinds

Some players will not let you check your bb if all other players have folded around to the dealer button or small blind. Some players often raise every time to try to steal the blinds and remain the aggressor. This strategy is especially used in short-handed games where there are only 3-5 people and the blinds come fast. The question is do you just flat call and treat it like a normal case scenario or do you 3 bet it and re-raise him and become and remain the aggressor.

A good strategy against this is to try re-raising this type of player 2 or 3 times in a row (if they are continuing to try to raise your blinds every time) and see if they stop. Typically a player like this preys on weak players who will give up 15 – 20 BB before leaving the table, so showing aggressiveness may frustrate them to get off their game or just simply leave the table. Now of course the beauty with online poker is that you could also get up and choose another table, but sometimes you want to stay at the table your at and just remove one or two particular players. In this case, giving them a case of their own medicine is a good strategy. You see, if you keep folding, or calling the bet and folding, you are giving them proper odds to keep doing it. Re-raise them with strong and medium – strong hands and against these particular players do not take their bets to be as valuable as normal or tight players.