Daniel Negreanu vs. Annie Duke

This page is a hypothetical question about Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke. Who would win in a heads up poker match for a million dollars, Daniel Negreanu or Annie Duke? Let’s compare their statistics.

Daniel Negreanu

  • Strong ability to read his opponents
  • Multiple final table finishes and in the money finishes
  • Best poker player Canada has ever produced

Annie Duke

  • Won millions of dollars playing poker
  • Is one of the best poker players in the world, and probably the best female
  • Cunning looks

It would definitely be a tight match up between Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke. Daniel Negreanu sure does have a cocky attitude about his poker play and why not, he has won tons of money doing it. There is one thing Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke do have in common – they are amazing players.

This author, in the end though is not one to sugar coat a situation. In my humble opinion, a match between Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke would be marvelous and would gather thousands of t.v ratings, with the ultimate crown going to Daniel Negreanu. The reason is Daniel Negreanu’s poker is on top of the world right now because of his ability to read people.