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What to look for in Online Poker Reviews 2014

Online poker has been around for a relatively long time. Beginning in 1998, the internet poker industry has gone through some major changes over the years. This being said, there are aspects that were important to finding good poker sites back then that have certainly changed these days. So when you’re looking at online poker […]

PokerStars Daily Tournaments Up the Ante

I like to stay on top of the tournament s available for me to cash in on and so hearing the PokerStars is going to have daily tournaments was right up my alley. I like that PokerStars always tries to stay one step ahead of the competition in its offerings and this new series of […]

Trailer for New Greek Movie “Poker Face”

When it comes to the world of poker cinema, there’s “Rounders,” which has some great poker quotes by the way, and then there’s not really much else to discuss. But perhaps the Greek film industry could help fill the gaping void between Rounders and other poker movies with a new project called “Poker Face.” Saving […]

Short 10 Question Poker Quiz

Short 10 Question Poker Quiz Think you know everything about poker and poker players? These are not questions about the best way to play a hand. Rather, these questions are about the culture of poker and the people of poker. Give it a shot. Answers below. 1. The banker in the book, The Professor, the […]

Poker on a Cruise Ship

Playing Poker on a Cruise Ship What a combination: playing poker and being on a cruise ship. Card Player Magazine, one of the premier poker magazines out of Las Vegas, enlists Linda Johnson (“The First Lady of Poker”) as the honcho on Card Player Cruises. She has run more than 40 of them and knows […]

Life Lessons From Poker

Life Lessons From Poker Since I received positive feedback on Life Lessons From Blackjack last week, I thought I’d share some lessons I learned from poker as well. Background Again, feel free to skip the background story if you just want to read the lessons part. I only include this for the curious. I first […]

No Limit Holdem in Vegas Part II

NL Holdem in Vegas Part II Poker article continued from NL Holdem in Vegas Page I. This page is part II …”Who’s comming back to the strip with me?” Who would have thought it would be so damn difficult to find a no-limit game at six in the morning? I personally had this magical conception […]